Thursday, March 22, 2018

Twenty-One Days: A Daniel Pitt Novel by Anne Perry

Daniel is a relatively new attorney and he's trying to save a man from hanging.  He's making an impassioned plea when someone tries to interrupt him.  His boss has sent him a message to leave the case he's on and go to another.  He refuses and finishes his plea.  Then he waits to see what the jury decides.  They find his man not guilty.  Then he runs on to the next case.  He's not so lucky there.

Ballantine Books and Net Galley allowed me to read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published April 10th.

This client also says he's not guilty but Daniel isn't so sure that's true.  The man's wife has been killed and he shows no sorrow over it.  He's working with another lawyer who is experienced and has won many cases.  Still, the jury finds the client guilty.  The head of the firm tells the more experienced lawyer to see if there were any mistakes in the proceedings; he tells Daniel to investigate the case.  If he's not guilty, someone else must be.  They have twenty-one days to do it.

What Daniel finds make him question his father, his personal beliefs, and he has to find his moral compass.  There are accusations made in a book the jailed man wrote that are very dangerous.  There is more background about the man that makes him even more vile.  But Daniel meets a woman who can do pathology and she gives him some important clues about the victim.

This was a complex read that I found very satisfying.  Ms. Perry never disappoints me.  I'd like to read more about Daniel.  He's just beginning his career and I can see that it will continue to be very challenging.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Murder at the Mushroom Festival by Janet Finsilver

Kelly is hosting a cooking class in her bed and breakfast to promote her business.  Instead of promoting business, it promoted murder...

Lyrical Underground and Net Galley allowed me to read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published April 17th.

When a obnoxious reporter is killing on sacred Indian ground, Kelly's Indian friend is taken into custody.  She knows he didn't do it.  So she and the Silver Sentinels set out to solve the crime through old fashioned fact finding.  

One of the uncommon facts Kelly learns is that the sunken cedars under water are worth big bucks.  The minerals in the water change the color of the wood and it can be carved into unique pieces that sell well.  She has her suspicions about who is harvesting this old protected wood that you need a permit to remove but she can't prove it.  What she doesn't know is how dangerous this quiet community is.

When a man attending the cooking class collapses, they find he has been poisoned by mushrooms.  He was the only one that got the bad ones and a doctor at the scene managed to save him but who wanted to kill him?

There are more questions and not many answers until the end of the book.  I enjoy older people helping solve mysteries.  Kelly was a well developed character and the story was enjoyable.  This was a good cozy.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Ace of Shades by Amanda Foody

Enne's mother is missing.  She told her if she wasn't back in a month, it would be because she was dead.  It'd been two months and Enne was going to find her or find out what happened to her.  She was all she had left.

Harlequin Teen and Edelweiss let me read me read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published April 10th.

She's going to the City of Sin and everything she's read about it makes her want to stay home.  The first thing that happens is that she goes to ask the local police about her mother.  They attempt to retain her and try to question her.  The boy they were harassing before she spoke up tells her to run.  She does but they are after her.  He tells her to dump her luggage and leads her off from the dock.  She has no choice, she follows.

She finds herself joining a bunch of young ones that are gang members.  She only knows one name here and they tell her he'll be back that evening.  She decides to wait since she doesn't know what else to do.  Levi is obnoxious and anxious to get rid of her.  He takes her down a street of prostitutes and other sexual trade to shock her.  It does but she's no shrinking violet.  She's embarrassed but she goes along with him. 

She's entering a world she never imagined existed.  She was going to a finishing school at home and intended to make her debut the following year.  Those skills don't help here.  She learns a lot about herself, she finds herself falling in love with Levi, and she's going to find her destiny here, too.  It's not what she thought it was.  Neither was her mother...

This is a fanciful, exciting read with danger all around.  Just to survive here is a great accomplishment.  As you read, you wonder who is going to die next.  

I enjoyed the suspense and the bits of magic in the tale.  I'm hoping there may be another in this series.

Monday, March 19, 2018

The Good Pilot Peter Woodhouse by Alexander McCall Smith

This is a tale of World War II.  War makes you doubt how long you'll be alive and many of the soldiers fell in love and wanted to marry.  Many didn't get a happy ever after but some did.  This is the tale of an American soldier and his love and a German soldier and his.  It sounds authentic and made me both happy and sad.

Pantheon and Edelweiss let me read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published April 10th.

Val is working as a farm lady on a farm owned by a local neighbor.  She's asked to deliver eggs to the Americans stationed there.  When she does, she meets Mike.  She drops a dozen eggs and as he tries to help her catch it, the other dozen drop and break also.  That unfortunate first meeting leads to dates and he's interested in marrying her.  But before they get that far, he's reassigned.  She promises to wait for him.  As time goes on, she finds out she's pregnant...

When Mike's plane crashes, they say he's most likely dead.  But there were people who were willing to hide Americans.  And when they are discovered by the Germans, it's a German who doesn't like the war.

It's fascinating look at life behind the lines of war and how unexpected things work out.  I don't like to read war stories but I do like this author.  He does a nice job with this book but I think I'll stick to the No. 1 Detective Agency series.  It doesn't make me want to cry.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Flying at Night by Rebecca L. Brown

Piper's son is a good boy.  He has obsessions with things.  For a while airplanes fascinated him.  Then he moved on to another subject.  He also has some trouble learning but he's passing his grades.  She's trying to train him not to say things too bluntly.  But he doesn't really have a problem.  That's not what the school thinks...

Berkley and Net Galley let me read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published April 10th.

While they are testing her son, she's not happy about her marriage anymore.  It's like he's never home and all he talks about are his cases.  He's no help at raising their son and now she's working hard to keep the son from being labeled.

The next crisis is when her father has a heart attack.  He's a pilot, runs every day, plays squash, and he collapsed in the steam room.  They initially tell them he's brain dead.  In time, he recovers enough to come home.  But her mother refuses to live with him anymore and arranges a nursing home for him.  When Piper goes there to drop him off, she won't leave him there.  It's an ugly facility and she's not impressed with the staff.  So she brings him home since he can't be alone.

Living with a son who is on the Autism spectrum and a father she hated when she was young is not easy on Piper.  Most of her father's memories are gone.  He's changing from who he used to be.  He also gets along very well with her son.

This is a story of changes in life.  Not only does she learn to love her father, she realizes how much they are alike and it bothers her.  When you've been taught perfection is the only thing acceptable, you have to learn that life doesn't happen that way...

Saturday, March 17, 2018

The Bermuda Connection (A Nick Randall Novel Book 2) by Robert Rapoza

Nick Randall doesn't know how to stay out of trouble.  He knows he has assassins after him and instead of hiding, he attacks.  He knows how bad the danger is and he's willing to sacrifice himself to save the world.  The only regret he has is that now his two children are involved, too, as well as many of his friends.  How do you overcome overwhelming odds?

The author shared a copy of this book with me for a review (thank you).  I found the first one in the series very interesting and the action doesn't stop in this one either.  You can buy a copy now on Amazon.

This source of power would allow someone to control the world.  There are so many people after it, every time Nick escapes one group he runs into another.  It's like jumping from the frying pan into the fire because the danger level just keeps rising.

With secret military forces, Chinese soldiers, the FBI, and more all vying for the source, it's all Nick and his family and friends can do to stay alive.  The soldiers that try to protect them end up dead.  This is the story of desperate war with unusual participants.  It takes what skills each person has to keep them alive and moving.  They may be injured but they're not down.

This is part science fiction and part war novel.  It's full of action and adventure, and it was a good read.  I don't think the story is over yet but I might be mistaken.  Some of their enemies are dead, so it might calm down.  But this family is not one that doesn't make waves...

Friday, March 16, 2018

Verdict on Crimson Fields (World of Prime #4) by M.C. Planck

Christopher accidentally fell through a portal on Earth is now on a medieval world full of goblins, witches, elves, various religious beliefs, dragons, hobgoblins and more strange creatures.  The one thing they all have in common is that they want to kill him...

Pyr Science Fiction and Fantasy shared an ARC with me to review (thank you).  It will be published April 10th.

With political plots and many of the characters working at cross purposes (the elves especially), there's plenty of intrigue and magic to hold your attention.  Even if you're killed, magic can bring you back to life.  But only if those wielding the magic can get some rest and renew.

This is a strange new world and Christopher has been introducing earthly weapons to them.  They have dynamite, cannons and more so they are fairly successful at the missions the King sends them on.  But Christopher keeps developing more power all the time and the King is feeling threatened.  Soon his friends must choose which side they will support.  It's not easy.  Some he wins, some he loses.

He's trying to organize another form of government that will be more than just a dictator at the helm.  Not all of them are interested in that.  But he knows there is more danger than even the King coming. 

The pace is fast and the story has lots of action.  This was a good read.  The next book should be even better.